Matcha, Inc


Specialists in Providing Information to an International Audience

We manage Japan's largest tourist-focused media site, MATCHA.
Although primarily focused on disseminating information via web media, we undertake a wide variety of roles, such as creating international web sites for Japanese clients, advertising operation, video production, non-Japanese reservation/proposal services on sites, among other functions. There isn't just one way to reach an international audience. We are always striving to find the next way to reach and dispatch our information around the world.

a Web Magazine for International Visitors to Japan

MATCHA is Japan's largest web magazine for tourists to Japan.
At present, it is available in 10 languages in order to fully share the appeal of Japan to the world, and has original content created with each country in mind, in order to maximize the experiences of each nation's visitors while in Japan. By focusing on using real coverage done by our writers, we offer powerful promotions and can appeal authentically to our readers.

SNS Management

MATCHA's Facebook page has 1 million fans.
Our Facebook page has earned this achievement.
More than just having the know how, MATCHA effectively uses Facebook advertisements. Selects the best keywords to reach the right target audience. We will help to raise the recognition of our clients, and aid in attracting customers.

Producing Multilingual Sites Intended for an International Audience

Making use of the expertise gained from operating the inbound web magazine MATCHA, we create custom multilingual websites for our clients.

But we don't just finish when the website has been made - we also offer support plans on how to increase access to your site too.

Consulting Services

Offering solutions that benefit both our clients and visitors to Japan.
From selecting regional attractions to making and maintaining reception systems, and beyond, we can give inbound tourism organizations our full support.