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Bringing Japan's Valuable Culture Forward

There are many wonderful and different aspects to Japanese culture. The food, sake, traditional handicrafts, architecture, and so on all have their own regional variants across the nation. Unfortunately, nowadays much of this regional variety is being lost thanks to the standardization of commerce, depopulation, and a shortage of skilled workers. This is something that not many are aware of.

We believe that we can communicate the charms of each region of Japan to people around the world by using the web and through videos. You can move people by informing them. We believe that by delivering these stories to people, we can bring the greatness of Japanese culture along with the times.

There is much more to Japan than just Tokyo, there is value to discover in each corner of every prefecture, and that is what we seek. By conveying the richness of Japanese culture to the people, more aspects of this culture can continue into the future. That is the business that we are in.

About Us


Becoming Japan's Largest Tourist Based Platform

MATCHA is an inbound tourism platform and support for those wanting to travel to Japan. As such, we seek to increase the number of people around the world that are not only glad they came to Japan, but the number that have fallen in love with, and want to visit, Japan again. Using the goal of having 100 million tourists visit by 2020, MATCHA aims to be the world's largest inbound tourism platform.


Knowing that each of our users have their own unique culture and aiming to provide the highest level of satisfaction to each and every user.

Respecting the differences of our team members and making a community wherein everyone can grow with us.

Taking on and surmounting challenges that present themselves from time to time. Learning from our mistakes and using these opportunities to improve ourselves.

Regarding Our Present Goal


Regarding Our Present Goal

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Company Name
Kabushikigaisha MATCHA/MATCHA Inc. / MATCHA Inc.
Head Office Address
111-0034 Tokyo, Taito, Kaminarimon 1-4-4 Next Site Asakusa Building 5F
Date Established
December 3rd, 2012
Capital Stock
110,557,741 yen
CEO/Managing Director
Yu Aoki / Yu Aoki
External Director
Yasumasa Manabe / Yasumasa Manabe
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【Municipalities, Ministries and Government Offices, and Associations/Organizations】 Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Saga Prefectural Government, Oita Prefectural Government, Kagoshima Prefectural Government, Saitama Prefectural Government, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Aomori Prefectural Government, Toyama Prefectural Government, Mie Prefectural Government, Kobe (Hyogo) Regional Government, Miyakojima (Okinawa) Regional Government, Shizuoka (Shizuoka) Regional Government, Fukuyama (Hiroshima) Regional Government, Ogunicho (Kumamoto) Regional Government, Okinoshima Town (Shimane prefecture), the Aichi Tourism Association, Wakakura Onsen Association 【Corporations】 Google Inc., NHK World, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc., Narita International Airport Corporation, Tokyu Hands Inc., Okayama University (National University Corporation), JTB Corporation, Tokyo Disney Resort, Sony Digital Entertainment, PARCO Co., Ltd., NTT DOCOMO, Inc., East Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO), Vanilla Air Inc., NISSIN Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., Coromo Inc., Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd., Wire and Wireless Co.,Ltd., TOKYOFILM